• Call Me Isabel




    Call Me Isabel

    by Emily Josephine

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    Uncover the downtown Dallas crime ring allegedly being run by some of the homeless there, and get a promotion.

    Such is the assignment that Lynda Daniels’ editor at the Dallas newspaper has given her. Both her best friend – another reporter – and her husband, Randy, protest against her taking it on. As if their misgivings don’t add enough stress to an already risky task, the day before Lynda begins the undercover gig, her fervent disbelief in a Higher Power is shaken to its core when an apparent miracle happens practically on her doorstep. Then, her fear that Randy no longer loves her becomes cemented in her heart when he arrives home smelling like perfume.

    What she doesn’t realize is that these two seemingly unrelated events are, in fact, intricately related. They are related because of a youthful woman with long, black hair called Isabel.

    Isabel. A woman who has her own cache of hidden sorrows. A woman who is known by the downtown Dallas homeless community as a giver and a healer.

    A woman who just might be at the center of the homeless crime ring…not to mention the woman who saves Lynda’s life her very first day on assignment.

    So when Randy reveals to Lynda the shocking medical reason for his increasing lethargy and other physical problems, Lynda’s first thought – despite her skepticism – is Isabel.

    The only problem is, Isabel disappears. Twice. And the second time seems to be for good. Will Randy’s efforts to prove his fidelity and love to Lynda come too late?

    This full-length Christian suspense novel weaves the supernatural with a compelling story of true love and true friendship. If you’re ready for a dose of the incredible combined with a whopping serving of realistic struggles for faith and trust, download this novel now!

    **NOTE: Although I am categorizing this book as “Christian”, I did use occasional mild language in order to make the dialogue between rough inner city characters more realistic.




















    Call Me Isabel Emily Josephine

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